digital entropy: an archive of sorts

hi there! it seems you've stumbled upon my little corner of the internet. i'm just here for fun and if we're being honest i have more important things i should be doing...

some things i'd like to do with this website are:

btw, i felt that i should mention that entropy loosely means the tendency of the universe to descend into chaos and disorder. this thing isn't working. WHY?



i actually have a lot of work to finish like imediately but i'm so hyperfixated on this. its killing me. i feel trapped in my own body and mind. reminds me of the song "Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land" by Marina but i'm doing it incorrectly, ykwim? maybe i'll play it in the background while i work.


went to the doctor for a checkup today. i'm following the HTML Dog tutorial (remind me to link later) the beginner html is basically the same as the neocities tutorial. i'm using the beginner css to play around with color and fonts. hoping to find a font i really like, maybe i'll stalk a couple other sites to see what i like. i really want to figure out how layouts work. can i color the margins a different color from the padding?

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